Please lift up these needs as you pray today.

  1. --Timothy Farmer - at St. Joe Hospital

  2. --Joshua Baerwalde

  3. --Linda Allen

  4. --Granny Mary Creeley, - SFBH, congestive heart failure

  5. --Deloris Little, Advent Health Hospital, room 349 south

  6. --Pam Bacon, back issues

  7. --Annette Levine, infection

  8. --Barbara Crews, pain management


     Cornerstone International Ministries desires to merit the confidence of those who've entered into partnership with us by endlessly projecting Jesus Christ as the only cornerstone by which this ministry can stand. As followers of Jesus, we hold true to the Great Commission and actively pursue God's will for our lives through a mindset, not of individual goals and objectives but of a unified cohesiveness centered in Christ Jesus.



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